While we believe that every garden is unique and deserves a completely bespoke design and approach, the typical steps required for project are outlined below as a guide:


    We meet with you for free to discuss what your hopes are for your garden, how you wish to use it and the practical requirements you have for the space. From this we will be able to gauge what is required and make a formal proposal for our services.


  2. Site SURVEY and Analysis

    The site survey forms the basis of your design. Unless the site is very straightforward we would instruct a surveyor to carry out a detailed land survey. They will look at boundaries, existing services, trees and shrubs, as well as any other features and level changes. We will then carry out a site analysis looking at the soil conditions, taking photographs and get a feel for the space.

    This is we we get to understand the context of the space.


    With all the above information gathered, we work up the ideas for your garden into an outline design proposal to show you what your garden could become. Mood boards, plans, illustrations suggestions for planting and materials are all brought together for discussion.

    We take the time here to make sure you are totally happy with how the design is coming along.


    Once you are happy with the outline design proposal, we develop the detail from which the design can be constructed. Depending on the needs of the job these could include a detailed masterplan, construction drawings, planting plans and schedules.

    This phase of the project can often be the most collaborative between client and designer; selecting final materials, viewing samples, and discussing planting combinations. 


    We don’t carry out landscaping services ourselves, but we can help you find the right contractor for the job and manage the whole process.

    From planning issues, contractor tendering and project implementation, we can handle it all for you.


    The selection and sourcing of the highest quality plants for your garden is essential to you getting the best results. We have a wide range of nurseries that we work regularly with and we can organise the sourcing and delivery at your convenience.

    We take particular care in setting out the plants on site ourselves ensuring they get the best possible start.


    After all the hard work of creating your new garden is complete we want to ensure you carry on getting the best out of it as the design intended. We can provide you with a maintenance package to make sure that your new garden develops and matures as it should.

    We can pop by at regular intervals to advise and look at any questions you might have.