Winner of the SGD Award for Student Design Commercial 2019.

With a brief to reintegrate the garden and the venue space the inspiration for this design came from the couple at the heart of the ceremony.

The design centres on the place where that ceremony takes place - the bay window of the east wing. As circles of friends and family gather around the happy couple, so too the garden revolves and flows about them. There are deliberate punctuations in the flow of the garden, creating backwaters and eddies to give moments of reflection and quiet. Areas of space and freedom allow visitors to have fun, play and create their own narrative. As you journey though these different spaces you can easily come back to the heart of the garden, the enclosed terrace, a moment of clarity designed to re-establish your connection with the central moment of togetherness and union.

What the judges said: “A beautiful marriage of form and function that perfectly meets the brief and is ideally suited to the setting.  Demonstrating a lightness of touch and with a strong theme running throughout, presented with lovely graphics and a fantastic model."